This is an old project that was long ago salvaged but is still a fun curiosity piece. I was building a cluster of servers to run various applications, some game servers, a web host, transcoding cluster, as well as participating in distributed computing projects such as SETI and Folding @ Home.

To make things a bit more challenging and fun I constructed a custom tower to hold hardware for multiple server nodes along with a network switch and a pair of hard drives.

The rack is custom designed and welded together to provide for the mounting of six Flex ATX motherboards and power supplies. The frame has a power strip, 10/100 network switch, and mounting for two hard drives on the top node.
The top node used the two hard drives in a RAID 1 mirror for reliability and provided DHCP, TFTP, and NFS for PXE boot and NFS root on the remaining five nodes. This enables all six nodes to boot and run from the pair of drives on the top node.

All nodes utilized a Fedora Core linux operating system, however, the five nodes that rely on the PXE boot executed a custom compiled Fedora Core linux kernel with NFS root enabled.
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