OpenSSL Tests

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This is a demonstration of the NoCon framework in action. This example uses a single view to present the user interface for a set of OpenSSL encryption methods. Additional assets have been added to the framework to provide the functionality in the demonstration.
The original Home view that comes with the framework is retained and a Keys view was added to contain the tabs and forms for the OpenSSL tests. The application configuration was changed to make the Keys view the default view. You can still load the Home view using the link in the navigation bar.

There is one additional route that does not include a layout or view. A preprocess script was added for the 'api' view route which processes AJAX requests from the Keys forms. The preprocess script provides a JSON output itself and does not require a view script and therefore calls the Router::disableView() method to prevent any layout or view loading after the preprocess completes. As a result you will not see an api.php script in the view folder. Instead you have only the api.php script in the preprocess/viewprocess/ folder.

The following is a manifest of the files and assets that were added to the framework to create the demonstration...

Create OpenSSL Keys

Enter all the details required to generate an OpenSSL private key and self signed certificate. The new key values will be displayed on the Key tab.

Inspect OpenSSL Keys

When a key is created it will be displayed in this tab. Or you can enter the values from a previously generated key. Note that you only need the certificate element to perform an encryption operation and you only need the private key and passphrase elements to perform a decryption operation.

Encrypt / Decrypt Using OpenSSL Keys

The key values on the Key tab will be used for encryption and decryption. Note that you only need to have the certificate on the Key tab to perform an encryption operation. And you only need the private key and passphrase components to perform the decryption operation.


OpenSSL Tests by Bryan Nielsen, a NoCon based project.