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This is the JAXchat test page. The chat client should be displayed above and should be fully functional if installed properly on the server.

Please see the docs included with the package for further details on installation, how to use JAXchat in your web pages, and how to adjust settings and appearance.

The administration page is disabled in the default install. You can enable the administration page in the jaxchat/jaxconfig.php settings. When administration is enabled you can use the following link to access the administration page. jaxchat/jaxadmin.php

Copyright 2013 Bryan Nielsen

The following two tests should have results of 'Yes'. If either test returns a result of 'No' then check your installation and your directory permissions to ensure the application will function properly.

Sub-directory jaxchat/json/ exists?    Yes
Sub-directory jaxchat/json/ writable?    Yes

To add the chat client to your web page you create an HTML container with the size you want and load the JAXchat initialization Javascript inside the container something like the following...

<div style="width:640px; height:320px; border:1px solid black;">
<script type="text/javascript" src="jaxchat/jaxinit.js"></script>

This example uses a 640 by 320 div tag and loads the JAXchat client inside the div element.

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